My practice as an attorney representing clients is dedicated to personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense; my practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution includes serving as an Arbitrator in litigated disputes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and business litigation; and as a Mediator in virtually all matters - whether or not in litigation.

I have represented my clients' legal needs in Riverside and San Diego County for over 35 years. Experience matters as well as relationships that have been built ethically, honestly and with integrity.

Your case is always my priority.

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Advice on your possible or pending case can be given by calling 951-684-4330 or please send more information here for a review of your possible or pending case.

You or someone in your family may be entitled to benefits from an injury, medical malpractice or negligence. If you think you have a case, please send the basic details for a free consultation.

Do I have a case?

Time is always an important factor in a criminal defense case. Please contact me as soon as possible for a review of your case or call 951-684-4330 to schedule a consultation.

Let my years of experience work for you in what is usually a very stressful and typically, a life changing situation. You'll want someone on your side representing your rights.
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